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Development Of Nevi
 Dendritic, Neural Crest, Basal Cell Layer
 Synthesis Of Melanin
 1/10 To Keratinocytes
 Hyperplasia- Tanning/lentigines, Increased Ratio
Nevus Transformation
 Poorly Understood
 Dendritic- Rounded
 No Longer Lentigionous Pattern- Nests
Junctional Nevi
 Nests Along Dermal-epidermal Junction
Compound Nevi
 “invade” Dermis, First As Nests Then Cords And Single Cells
Dermal Nevi
 Junctional Component Lost

Dysplastic Nevi
Border Melanocytic Nevi And Malignant Melanoma
Clinical Resembles Malignant Melanoma
Lentiginous Compound Nevus, Prominent Bridging Across Rete Ridges
Aberrant In Inter-rete Spaces
Lamellar Fibrosis Of Papillary Dermis, Variable Lymphoid Response

Types Of Melanoma
Acral Lentiginous
Mucosal Melanoma
Superfical Spreading Melanoma
Lentigo Maligna Melanoma
Nodular Melanoma

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