Semen Analysis

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Assessment of fertility
Forensic purposes
Effectiveness of vasectomy - 2 samples 1 month apart negative
Suitability for artificial insemination

Semen Analysis Include
Macroscopic:viscosity,coagulation + liquifaction,volume,pH

Motility and Viability  must be performed within 1½ - 2 hrs of collection

Macroscopic Examination
Semen is viscous, yellow grayish.
Forms gel-like clot immediately.
Liquefies completely in 5-60 minutes; this must be complete before further testing (mix before further testing).
Appearance: homogenous white-gray opalescence.
 Brown/red in hematospermia
 Dense white turbid if inflammation and high WBC

Volume: in graduated cylinder to the nearest  0.1 ml or centrifuge tube free of contamination.
Viscosity: 5ml pipette or plastic pipette
normal, more viscous, very viscous
pH:important parameter of motility and viability 7.2-8.0; measured by pH paper.

Aspermia: No semen ejaculated
Hematospermia: Blood present in semen
Leucocytospermia: White blood cells present in semen
Azospermia: No spermatozoa found in semen
Normospermia: Normal semen parameters
Oligospermia: Low sperm concentration
Asthenospermia: Poor motility and/or forward progression
Teratospermia: Reduced percentage of morphologicall normal sperm
Necrospermia: No live sperm in semen

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