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MINILAPAROTOMY is an established surgical technique long established for female sterilisation.
The same concept is extended to abdominal hysterectomy for benign conditions in selected patients.

Average built patient
Mobile uterus less than 12 weeks size
Cervix can be pushed above symphysis pubis
Absence of large adenexal mass

Suprapubic transverse incision, 5-6 cm. Long
No pack or retractor
Uterus delivered outside
With fingers or
After fixing with Myomectomy screw / Volsellum or
After Myomectomy
Hysterectomy with or without BSO done by standard procedure
Vagina closed with one or two interrupted sutures
Pelvic & parietal Peritonium not closed
Rectus sheath apposed with continuous suture
Routine & liberal use of diathermy

Mini lap hysterectomy is an easy to learn minimally invasive surgical procedure.
It has a shorter duration of surgery, faster recovery and reduced hospital stay.
The morbidity is very less as general peritoneal insult is avoided.

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