Labial Fusion in Gynaecology

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Partial or complete adherence of the labia minora or majora.

-Interruption of the dermo-epidermal junction
-combination of factors hypoestrogenaemia +local irritation, inflamm or trauma

Labial fusion in children
(rare before 3 months & uncommon after age of 5 years)
It is a common ped. Problem (1.8- 3.3%)
Associated with hypoestrogenaemia
It can be a marker of LS or vulval dis or CSA
-Estrogen cream…how long? BUT Sugical     treatment can cause high recurrence, traumatic,     GA
- hygiene, swaps or biopsy (Rare)

D.D. of labial fusion in children
Developmental abnormalities (newborn)
Infection ( Vulvo-vaginitis, pin warms )
Lichen sclerosis
CSA (child sexual abuse)

Postpartum labial fusion
Extremely rare
Multiple lacerations heals spontaneously
No EB management of multiple lacer.
separation of adhesions
 Estrogen cream
 Amniotic membrane grafting in recurrent cases

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