Definition Compartment Syndrome
Condition characterized by raised pressure within a closed space with a potential to cause irreversible damage to the contents of the closed compartment

high pressure injection
 crush (behaves differently)
re-perfusion injuries
medical: coagulation, dialysis, traction
Drug addicts

Differential Diagnosis
Arterial occlusion
Crush syndrome
injury to peripheral nerve

Compartment Syndrome of Hand
occur most often from iatrogenic injuries
arterial-line or IV medications

Hand Compartment Syndrome Physical signs
non specific aching of the hand
disproportionate pain
loss of digital motion & continued swelling
 MP extension and PIP flexion “intrinsic position”
difficult to measure tissue pressure

Forearm Compartment Syndrome
Common after high energy injury
 wrist, forearm fracture
may follow supracondylar fracture of humerus
may result in functionless extremity

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