Somatoform disorders

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Somatoform symptoms
Symptoms suggest a physical disorder
Symptoms cannot adequately be explained physiologically
Symptoms are often (but not always) described in dramatic ways
Other disorders, such as anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and personality disorders, often co-exist

Somatization Disorder (Briquet’s syndrome)
Many physical complaints
Beginning before age 30
Must include
Four different pains
Two gastrointestinal symptoms
One sexual symptom
One pseudoneurological symptom
Symptoms are unfounded or exaggerated

Conversion Disorder
Physical symptoms suggesting neurological problems
Sensory impairment: Any modality
Paresthesias and paralysis (demonstrate)
Sudden onset, sudden termination, sudden reappearance
Mostly women; men in combat
Often misdiagnosed: Overpathologized
La belle indifference: 1/3 of cases

Pain Disorder
Main symptom is pain
May be exacerbated by psychosocial factors
May be maintained by gain: Eugene
Primary gain
Secondary gain

No physical symptoms are necessary
Preoccupied with the possibility that normal sensations are symptoms of serious disease
Frequent visits to physicians
Persists despite medical reassurance
Over-report bodily sensations

Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Excessive concern with real or imagined defects in appearance, especially facial marks or features.
Frequent visits to plastic surgeons
Culturally-influenced, but not culture-bound
May be a symptom of more pervasive disorders: Obsessive-compulsive or delusional disorder, for example.

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