Nonatherosclerotic Arterial Syndromes

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Polyarteritis Nodosa
More common in adult males
Spares the arterioles, capillaries, venules and glomeruli
Associated with hepatitis B antigenemia
Kidney (most frequently affected): 85%
Multiple intrarenal aneurysms
Aneurysms may thrombose and disappear
Appear in new locations

Clinical Manifestation
Abdominal pain
Systemic hypertension
Anorexia and weight loss
Abdominal distention
Hematemesis, melena
Painless hematuria
Peripheral neuropathy
Tender subcutaneous nodules
Gangrene of fingers and toes

Buerger’s Disease
The histopathological findings vary according to the duration of the disease. The findings are most likely to be diagnostic in the acute phase of the disease
The hallmark of the acute-phase lesion is an occlusive, highly cellular, inflammatory thrombus, with less inflammation in the walls of the blood vessels. Polymorphonuclear leukocytes, microabscesses, and multinucleated giant cells may be present

First reported by von Viniwalter in 1879 but first detailed description in 1908 by Leo Buerger.

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