Systolic Heart Failure

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Causes of a Systolic Heart Failure
Systolic heart failure can result when there is a defect or abnormality in the systolic function during the expulsion of blood to the rest of the body.Congestive heart failure is a result of the weakening of the cardiac muscles due to which the heart is unable to suffice the requirements of the body. Here are some of  the causes of left ventricular failure.
* Unhealthy lifestyle is one of the reasons why some individuals may suffer from heart attacks. Smoking and drinking may lead to the accumulation of toxins in the blood stream, which can affect the heart and result in the organ failure. Heart attacks may also be caused due to aging.
* Chronic systolic heart failure is mainly caused due to the presence of congenital heart defects like a faulty valve.
* The inflammation of the heart muscles, myocarditis, due to an infection,damage to the heart muscles or cardiomyopathy, etc., can be a causative factor for acute systolic heart failure.
* Abnormality in the heart rate, which can cause heart arrhythmias is also one of the causes of systolic heart failure.
* Some other causes are hypertension, diabetes, blood clots, side effects and allergic reactions of certain medications, etc.
Systolic Heart Failure Symptoms
The symptoms are similar to the right sided heart failure symptoms.
* Dyspnea, or shortness of breath, which may worsen when you lie down or due heavy work.
* Sharp chest pain, which may radiate to the arm. Sometimes a heaviness in the chest region is also felt.
* Palpitations of the heart.
* Generalized body weakness.
* Persistent cough and wheezing, which does not go away.

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