Severe acute pancreatitis

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33-year-old male
Alcohol binge: vodka
Awake and conversant
Severe abdominal pain, vomiting, dyspnoea

Physical and laboratory examinations
Temperature 38.1°C
Pulse 96 bpm, respirations 20/min
Blood pressure 110/70 mmHg
Abdomen tender, distended, quiet
Amylase 3500 IU/L
Lipase 1100 IU/L
AST >250 IU/L
LDH >350 IU/L
WBC count 16 000/mm3
Arterial blood gases:
pH 7.30, PaCO2 32, PaO2 58, BE -5

Which evaluations would you perform to determine if the patient has severe pancreatitis?
C-reactive protein
Computed tomography (CT) scan
Severity scores
Ranson score
Glasgow (Imrie) score
APACHE II or III score
Balthazar score

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