Surgical Problems in Children

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* Bile-stained vomiting in neonates Malrotation - emergency referal.
* Constipation Soften with lactulose, stimulate with senna. Hirschprung's disease always has a neonatal history.
* Inguinal herniae Refer immediately for corrective surgery - high incidence of complications.
* Hydrocoeles Congenital hydrocoeles should resolve by age 1-2 years - refer if persistent.Newly-presenting hydrocoeles should be referred immediately (testicular tumours in older children).
* Painful red testis Torsion until proved otherwise - orchitis is rare in young children.
* Umbilical herniae No treatment required - resolve spontaneously by age 2. rarely may require surgical correction age 3. Periumbilical hernias do not resolve spontaneously, however.
* Undescended testes Should be discovered at birth or 6-week check. Retractile testes require NO action, so documentation of the presence of testes in the scrotum at birth is important. Refer at age 1 year.

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