Localized fibrous tumor of the pleura

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From visceral pleura.
On a stalk, project into pleural space.
May inward growth into lung parenchyma.
Occasionally within fissure.
May from mediastinal, diaphragm, costal portion of parietal pleura— Often malignant.
Solitary, ovoid round.
Histology— Fibroblastlike cell and connective tissue.
Lack keratin reactivity and positive CD34 antigen– Differentiates fibrous tumor from mesothelioma.
Equal frequency in both sex.
Common in 5th to 8th decades.

Clinical Features
Half asymptomatic,
Chronic cough,Chest pain – Most lesion arise from parietal pleura, Dyspnea
Hypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy (20%)– Stiffness of the joint, edema of ankle, arthralgia, pain of long bone (especially the tibia).
Clubbing finger.
Hypoglycemia (3-4%)– Tumor production insulin like growth factors or somatomedins.

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