Caesarean Section

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A Caesarean section is a surgical procedure in which one or more incisions are made through a mother's abdomen (laparotomy) and uterus (hysterotomy) to deliver one or more babies.Caesarean section is usually performed when a vaginal delivery would put the baby's or mother's life or health at risk(prolonged labor or a failure to progress,cord prolapse,placenta praevia, placental abruption,abnormal presentation,cord prolapse,fetal macrosomia ect) although in recent times it has been also performed upon request for childbirths that could otherwise have been natural.
There are several types of Caesarean section . An important distinction lies in the type of incision (longitudinal or latitudinal) made on the uterus, apart from the incision on the skin.
* The classical Caesarean section involves a midline longitudinal incision which allows a larger space to deliver the baby.
* The lower uterine segment section is the procedure most commonly used today; it involves a transverse cut just above the edge of the bladder and results in less blood loss and is easier to repair.
* An emergency Caesarean section is a Caesarean performed once labour has commenced.
* A crash Caesarean section is a Caesarean performed in an obstetric emergency, where complications of pregnancy onset suddenly during the process of labour, and swift action is required to prevent the deaths of mother, child or both.
* A Caesarean hysterectomy consists of a Caesarean section followed by the removal of the uterus. This may be done in cases of intractable bleeding or when the placenta cannot be separated from the uterus.

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